Build amazing community experiences on Discord & Slack

Delight your members with interactive onboarding and support flows, and save time with detailed insights & various automations.

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We want to help build more great communities so people can make lasting connections and learn from others. We do this by making it easier to build great communities by saving leaders time and providing great member experiences.

Delight your members

Create custom automation flows without knowing how to code. For example, you can create a step-by-step onboarding flows, and point your members to relevant sources based on their interests

Our no-code flow builder is like Zapier but for communities.

Understand your community

We provide detailed analytics, and highlight which members bring the most to your community and which need some support from you.

Save time

Automate repetitive and tedious tasks, saving you hours each day. Use us as your community CRM, and feed data to other tools

Dots in numbers - you are in good hands
early engagement

Communities see 15%+ increase in early engagement on Discord

automations ran

Dots has powered 150k+ automations saving leaders months of time

community members

Our customers' communities have millions of members combined


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